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When there something exists the story begins and it only ends if it is not continued, but a story became infinity if the activity is still active. Legend passing to the generation to generation, every generation is the new chapters or episodes of the stories. New twist and characters, including new discovery, actually there is no such thing end story because if its end it will start a new one that has a connection from the previous story. Just like printing it has the own story and until now printing still exists, it will continue to the generation and so on. Let’s throwback how the printing story begins.

It was started from East Asia the first technique of printing was called the woodblock printing in 200 B.C. It is a printing technique for images, text or pattern. Before the printing method used textiles and later because of the Buddhism influence it was transferred on a paper. Printing on the cloth was started from China 220. Japanese the woodblock art print called Ukiyoe.

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Around 1040, another printing technique was born, the movable type it is a process of typography and printing by using a piece of movable metal type and made through casting from matrices hit by letter punches. It was exposed first in China by Bi Sheng in his porcelain and making a movable type, however, it was crash out because of the clay movable types. Korea began to use metal movable type during the Goryeo Dynasty around 1230. They printed the oldest extant book was printed with the movable metal type in 1377 Goryeo Dynasty. The metal movable type has been spread to Europe between 14thcentury up to early 15thcentury.

In Europe, a man from Mainz German city name Johannes Gutenberg invented the technology version of movable type with the printing press in 1439 and that was the beginning of printing of European age. Gutenberg also introduced the oil-based ink; it was stronger than water-based inks. He improved the quality of printing books by his own type from antimony, tin, and alloy of lead, which proved to be more convenient than printing from wooden, bronze and clay types. He also the first introduced the colored prints.

In 1796 the born of lithography is a printing technique on a smooth external and it uses the chemical system to create a picture or image. A sample of this process, a positive side of an image was the hydrophobic chemical, while the negative side was the water. Therefore when the plate is used to make the ink and water mixture compatible, the water will be the one to clean the negative picture and the ink will cohere to the positive picture.  Efficiently for a flat plate that long last than the older imaging method.  Because of the lithography, it’s produced another technique, Chromolithography. This technique used a multiple stones of lithographic, one for every color and a very expensive because of the best quality outcome.

The printing story was being innovated through the years; this is the part of the story that introduced the basic in printing. Nowadays printing techniques are the base from the basic and the printing story stills continue. If you are looking for a printing service try this one Tasker Print services.